February 15

Tonight was the last kids for free class for the session. Looks like we rolled about 7-9 kids into the regular program. That will really help the numbers. Kids seemed to really have fun tonight.

Adult class was just brown belts doing test prep. Worked on the basic 15 kata. Then we spent the last part of the class working on 2 person self defense drills.

February 8

Tonight’s class was more thoughtful. Sensei Walker had us looking closely at why we do what we do in kata. Not for right or wrong. And not to change it necessarily for those testing in April.

He had us doing “attack” sequences (all the moves in one direction before pausing) for Fukyugata ichi and san, a few of the pinans and naihanchis. While we all did the same thing, we found in a couple of cases we “violated” the attack sequence because that was the way we’ve been practicing. Not that the violation was necessarily wrong but that if we’re going to deviate we should do it purposefully and with reason.

He also talked to us about training with conviction. We’re all nervous. We all want to pass but lack the confidence to think, even to ourselves, I WILL pass this. He encouraged us to train with that conviction. “All” we need to do is elevate our game a little; demonstrate what we can go beyond.

January 28

Thursday night’s karate class was a rehash of the rest of the week. Lots of cardio, some pushups and ab work, and all the kyu level kata. We did throw in some sparring for fun though. It’s been almost 4 months since we did any sparring, so everyone was a little rusty.

January 26

Another rough class last night. Started with 30 mins of cardio. Then we worked on kicking: front kick, side kick, back kick, round kick. Then we worked on jab/reverse punch/front kick and jab/reverse punch/round kick up and down the floor with partners. All that was the first 2 hours of class. We finished up the last 30 minutes running though Fukyugata 1,2,3, Pinan 1,2,3,4,5, and Naihanchi 1,2,3; and we threw in some pushups just to round out the evening.

January 25

I’m beat. Worked it good at karate tonight. Started out with 30 mins of cardio (working on the couch to 5k plan). Then taught the kids class. Had them run for about 10 mins as warm up, then we worked on front kicks, stepping punches, and stepping reverse punch against shields.

Adult class started out with 15 mins of cardio. Then spent the rest of the time going through the Fukyugata 1,2,3, Oyo Tan Ren, Pinan 1,2,3,4,5, and Naihanchi 1,2,3. We did pushups and ab exercises in between each kata.

December 15

We started tonight by doing all the bo kata several times. After the bo, we worked on kicking control using a couple of drills. First was double round kick: thigh, ribs, thigh, ribs was 1 count. We did 10 of these on each side. Then we followed it with: hook kick, round kick, round kick, hook kick as 1 count. Again doing 10 on each side. We finished up class with some light jogging for 15-20 minutes.

December 14

Tonight’s class was all basics and kata. We warmed up with basics up and down the floor. Then we spent a fair amount of time working on hip action for knife hand blocks in cat stance. We finished up class by running through the Fukyugata and Nahanchi kata.

December 9

Started karate tonight with some bo drills. Very basic. Just learning the footwork. Then we put away the bo and practiced the same footwork with inward blocks.

After that, we moved onto kata. Did Fukyugata 1,2,3, Pinan 1,2,3,4,5, and Naihanchi 1. We did our pushups before each kata tonight. We did a 1 pushup befora and after for kata 1, 2 pushups before and after for kata 2, etc. That means we did 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19 pushups before each kata respectively.

We spent the rest of the class working on 5 time attack, 3 time attack, 1 time attack, and semi-free 1 time attack.