January 2011 Belt Test

Folks seemed interested, so here’s tonight’s pretest workout…

Started with 10 minutes of calisthenics. Next was 100 punches in shiko-dachi. Then 100 stationary front kicks in zenkutsu-dachi. Next was 100 rising block reverse punch combinations in shiko-dachi. Next was 100 stationary side kicks from hesoku-dachi. Next was 50 oi-zuki forward elbow strick backwards combinations in shiko-dachi. All techniques were full-speed, full-power. After the basics, the kids did the kata Fukyugata Ichi 10 times full-speed, full power.

After the yellow, orange, and blue belts tested, there was another 20 minute workout of hard calisthenics. Then Sensei dismissed those who had already tested. I think customer satisfaction was 100% tonight. 🙂

The test itself went quite well. I was very happy with everyone’s performance; and a little surprised even by a few of the kids.