Stances, Bo, and Kata

Been slacking off on the training updates. Here’s the summary for the last 3 nights.

Taught all 3 classes tonight. Nothing but stance training. Lots of sweat and shaking legs. Not much else to say about it.

Tuesday nights class was all partner training with the bo. Really focusing on getting down the 1st 3 drills and learning what it feels like to make solid contact with the bo.

Last Thursday night I taught all 3 classes as well. 1st class was basics with partners. The whole second class was dedicated to partner training with the bo, and the 3rd class was black belt kata.

Basics, Kata, and Partner Drills

I started my student off last night with front, side, and round kicks on the heavy bag. This was followed by 4 different types of elbow strikes on the heavy bag. Then on to every kata he knows. Afterwards, we focused on partner training with the bo. We did about 50 reps of 3 different drills. It’s amazing how sore the hands get when you actually make contact continuously with the bo.

For the second class, we simply went through the Shotokan kyu rank kata syllabus. We started with Taikyoku Shodan, all 5 Heian kata, and all 3 Tekki kata. We did this for about an hour and 15 minutes. There was a fair amount of explanation between repetitions due to folks just learning the kata; but it was more than enough to work up a sweat.