New Kid’s Test Requirements

The new kids test requirements have been being used for the last several months, but they have now been added to the site under the “Children’s Belt Requirements” link. They are also now in pdf format so you can download them for off-line viewing or printing.

As for the actual requirements, not much has really changed; this is more-so an explicit publication of the requirements. The old documented standard was not very explicit and caused some confusion. The biggest changes are 1) no more pending, and 2) a change to the belt colors themselves. #1 is a tough one. In the past, a student had 3 possible outcomes from a test: Pass, Pend, or Fail. Pass and Fail are pretty obvious, but pend caused a lot of heartache; so we got rid of it.

An important thing to note here, since failures will now be much more common, is that a student DOES NOT have to re-pay for a test that they failed. This has always been the policy, but some people that had never failed/had a child fail a test were concerned about this.

The new belt ranks are as followed (top to bottom, left to right)

Yellow w/White Stripe Yellow Yellow w/Black Stripe
Orange w/White Stripe Orange Yellow w/Orange Stripe
Green w/White Stripe Green Green w/Black Stripe
Brown w/White Stripe Brown Brown w/Black Stripe
Black w/White Stripe Black w/Green Stripe Black w/Brown Stripe

August 18-22, 2014

Monday nights started out with tournament prep focusing on tournament kata. After that class, Sensei Keyes made an appearance and led the regular class through a very technically grueling class.

Tuesday night was all basics: Seken zuki, age uke, soto uke, and uchi uke; the blocks all performed with gyaku zuki. We spent a little bit of extra time focusing on the non-blocking hand and how it can be employed during the techniques rather than being a “dead hand”.

Thursday night’s kids class was mostly Oyo Tan Ren. This is required to pass the orange belt test, and has single-handedly failed more students than any other exercise or technique. It was good for the beginners to get a chance to start learning it. The last few minutes of the class were spent working on their test kata.

Thursday night’s intermediate class was heavy on tournament sparring. We did 2 minute rounds with the loser of each match doing pushups; then rotating to the next partner. After that we focused on empty handed and weapons kata.