Oct 20-23

Monday night’s class was really good. Sensei Keyes came up from Jefferson City and taught a really good basic class on knife hand blocks and moving in cat stance; focusing on using the large muscles of the back and shoulder for power. We finished up with some progressive drills with moving and kicking in cat stance, as well as, some partner kicking drills.

Tuesday night’s karate class started with 15 minutes of jumping rope. After that, we went through the test syllabus to yellow belt in preparation for tomorrow night’s test; which doesn’t sound like much until you understand that in our school, there are only about 4 more techniques added in all tests up till black belt. We have probably the toughest yellow belt test I’ve ever seen based on the amount of material. After yellow belt, most of the new material are kata and a few sparring drills.

After basics, we moved on to kata. We did all kata up to the brown belt test, which includes 3 Fukyugata, Oyo Tan Ren, 5 Pinan, and 2 naihanchi kata.

Next we moved on to the 3 Tanden Kumite drills; each done for about 7 minutes. After that, it was the 7 Yakusoku Kumite drills performed with 3 different partners. We finished up the night doing the 5 self defense drills with 3 different partners each.

Good size karate test Thursday night. Most people did well, but we had a few the really struggled. Hopefully everyone is satisfied with their results when they get announced.

Oct 13-16

Totally forgot to recap last week’s karate, so here’s a very short summary… Oct 13-16…

Monday we started with a good long calisthenics warmup, then we went over several of the drills that I got to experience at the ASKA instructor training… focusing heavily on driving with the back leg and covering distance.

Tuesday was over an hour of calisthenics followed by the entire kyu rank test syllabus up to brown belt.

Thursday night was lots of yakusoku kumite and lots of self defense drills in preparation for testing this coming Thursday; with a focus on “making me believe it”.

October 6 – 9

Monday night’s class started off with about an hour of calisthenics consisting of jumping rope, heavy bag work, and medicine ball work. After this, we move on to the yakusoku kumite drills. We did all 7 of them for 5 minutes each.

Tuesday night we started off with a repeat of Monday’s calisthenics workout. We followed it up by going through the the 8th kyu exam syllabus. When we got to the blocks, green belts had to add reverse punch, and brown belts and above added a front leg front kick between the block and reverse punch. For the last 45 minutes of class, Sensei Castile helped make corrections on the students basics and kata.

Thursday night basic kids class was a good basic workout led by Sensei Shindo.

The intermediate kids and adults ran together again. We started with lots of calisthenics consisting of jumping rope, partner pushups, and partner squats. After this we moved into kata. The last part of the kata we did Ananku holding each stance for at least 2 minutes. Ananku only has 20 movements in it, and it 42 minutes for the class to complete it one time.

Sept 29-Oct 2

Monday night’s karate class was pretty standard. We ran though all the test basics. Then we quizzed some of the lower ranks on the knowledge portions of their test. After that, we finished up with some basic ground work.

Tuesday nights class was a bit more… intense. We started out with 1 hour of calisthenics consisting of jumping rope, shoulder exercises with dumbbells, heavy bag work, and some planking on top of medicine balls. After that, for the next 1 hour and 45 mins, we ran through the test basics hard and fast. We did blocks by themselves down the floor, and block/punch combos on the way back. We finished up the class with some semi-freestyle 3 time attack drills. I heard many awesome reports of people struggling to use their arms and legs on Wednesday morning. 🙂

Thursday night’s beginner’s kids class was rough. I had Sam-san lead warm-ups; but the kids didn’t seem to want to do warm-ups. In fact, at times they outright refused to do them. So I explained to them that if they didn’t want to show any effort in warm-ups, we were gonna have to work on spirit for the whole class. So, we spent 30 minutes straight in shiko-dachi doing basic blocks and punches. Any time one of the kids straightened their legs, they had to do 5 push-ups. It was rough. One of the kids was crying pretty heavily, but, to their credit, never quit. I pointed out to the rest of the students that that person was working hard, and showing the most spirit in the class. I explained to them the purpose of spirit training, and how they needed to learn to push themselves past where they thought they could go. I also explained to them that if they would just come to class and work hard they would get to things that were more interesting. I also told them that they couldn’t possibly finish strong if they didn’t start out strong. At the end of the class, they all came up and gave me high fives. I think they were actually surprised that they all made it through the workout.

The intermediate and advanced classes I rolled into one class and did a carbon copy of Tuesday night’s class.