Nov 3-6

Monday night’s class was all kihon kumite. We started with chudan sanban kumite for the first hour. Then we put one of our brown belts through the gaunlet: his back to the wall he had to continuously face all the other students in jiyu ippon kumite for 30 minutes. It was a fun night.
Tuesday night’s class started again with chudan sanban kumite for the first hour. We then put one of the green belts through the gauntlet for about 10 minutes. We finished up the night doing Naihanchi Shodan (Tekki Shodan) with partners facing each other; one would do the kata normally, and the other would mirror them. We switched back and forth so that each side had to do it regular and mirrored.
Thursday night’s kids class was Oyo Tan Ren for the entire class. We would stop and start from the beginning every time one of the students made a mistake. They managed to make it through the entire exercise once in 45 minutes.
The big kids class was chudan sanban kumite for the entire 45 minutes.
The adult class had our two new white belt students in it, so we did basics the whole 45 minutes. We covered seiken-zuki, age-uke, soto-uke, gedan-uke, oi-zuki, mae-geri, and yoko-geri kekomi.
We also did belt promotions tonight. We had about 5 new yellow belts, a new yonkyu, and a new sankyu.